Cura Consulting Group is a management consulting firm.
We help companies plan, grow, and be competitively sustainable through valuable assessments
and analyses that integrate an array of market intelligence and key influencers.

Our mission

To assist and facilitate organizations expand capabilities, improve decisions, maximize financial and non-financial performance, and achieve sustainable growth through green entrepreneurship.

What is green entrepreneurship?

Green entrepreneurship can also be referred to as a sustainable enterprise because the business model strategically and successfully incorporates the utilization of all growth assets: human, financial, social, and natural/environmental capital. To be a sustainable enterprise, it requires a comprehensive systems approach for long-term profitability. The approach is dynamic as well – changing with advances in technology and with shifts in the economic landscape. As such, it constantly evolves along a continuum that promotes broad gains.

Why is the approach important?

Benefits and competitive advantages:
  • • Creation of fresh opportunities for growth and profit
  • • Anticipation and reduction of market and non-market risks
  • • Enhanced customer focus and greater customer alignment
  • • Profitability and sustainability through competitive/innovation optimization
  • • Improvements beyond the balance sheet