PageLines- training.jpgGreen entrepreneurship presents many possibilities to optimize productivity and maximize cost-savings, build deep customer relationship, and create a solid organizational identity. Opportunities can not be fully realized without the right human asset. As such, one crucial element for sustainable growth will be dependent on whether a company has the core competencies to support it.

Cura Consulting Group can help in the development of these core competencies with critical training programs, seminars, and personalized coaching for both managers and employees. We have experience in conducting management and technical training both domestically and internationally. We are also certified facilitators. Our expertise can help an organization transform, materialize its corporate responsibility/citizenship plans, and cultivate a reputation as the “IT” place to work.

We customize each program for a company. Some examples of our offerings include:
  • Effective organizational change: preparing, facilitating, and managing change
  • Working dynamics for staff and managers (e.g., skills in problem-solving, team building, and communication)
  • Diversity dialogue
  • Leadership and ROI
  • Greening the supply chain
  • Environmental and human risk assessment/risk management/risk communication