PageLines- technical.jpgMany projects and business operations can have direct and indirect environmental and social implications. The breadth of our technical knowledge in the environmental arena can provide the expertise necessary to help business transactions be successful. We offer assessments, analyses, and insights to reduce environmental and social liabilities. Oftentimes, if these liabilities are not understood and addressed, they may jeopardize a business deal, erode profit margins, or degrade a brand.

Screening for and understanding environmental and social influencers lead to value-added information for internal and external purposes. Internally, it can help shape strategies and solutions that promote operational efficiencies and cost-savings. Externally, the information is useful in crafting effective outreach and communication messages.

Cura Consulting Group’s technical specialties include:
  • Clean technologies for the water sector
  • Waste to renewable technologies
  • Water resources, hazardous waste, pesticide, and lead hazard management
  • Environmental and human health risk assessment and risk management
  • Human health exposure guidelines and standards
  • Total environmental quality management
  • Environmental regulations – understanding the federal rule-making process