Cura Consulting Group believes in the importance of cultivating a strong relationship and understanding client needs. With this as our guiding principles, we can provide the most effective solutions to help businesses have long-term profitability – regardless of their developmental or growth stage. Our goal is to have a company be indispensable to its customers.

With over 25 years of organizational change, environmental, and regulatory experience, our domain expertise can be instrumental to decision-makers faced with a range of business consideratsions: from those starting up a company to established firms looking to expand or create new lines of businesses.

The diverse growth needs of each organization reflect multiple business objectives. Whether the goal is to comply with regulations, manage non-market parameters, design for the environment, or even a paradigm shift in the overall business approach, we are able to assist companies in optimizing their performance. Our insights and innovative solutions foster deep relationships while promoting shareholder value. We have an array of tools to transform a company, advance along the green entrepreneurship continuum, and be competitively sustainable and profitable.

Organizational change